Who does well on Multiple Choice Tests?

With so many challenges working against you on the multiple choice exam, what’s the answer? Is there a way to improve your chances and your score? There is!

Let’s take a general look at who does best on these types of tests.

  • Those who know the material. This should go without saying, but the thing that will most raise your test score will be if you know the material that’s going to be covered. While the strategies we’ll discuss later will help you even with questions you’re unsure of, the surest thing you can do is learn the rules, dates, names, and concepts that you’ll be tested on.
  • Those who have a calm, cool demeanor when taking a test. Panicking can cause you to forget the information you think you know. Confidence goes a long way toward a better mark on multiple-choice.
  • Those who meditate or pray before the test. Don’t laugh. It’s a known fact that people who meditate or pray, depending on their beliefs, enter a test room more confidently, and do better on the exam.
  • Those who operate on logic rather than instinct. Those who take a multiple-choice test based on instinct will be tempted to overlook the stated facts, and let emotion rule.
  • Those who have a system. Most of the book will deal with this, but you should not just guess randomly on questions you don’t know. You must have a systematic strategy.

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